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Volume 2 title
In July, The Data Artisan takes a deep dive into the world of langauge and commercial culture in the United States, by applying simple formulas to language usage datato determine how each neighborhood is linguistically alligned, and then we visit the neighborhoods to see if the data proved true. Check out Volume 2 for more...

Volume 1 intro

In June, The Data Artisan takes a detailed look at the differing ways retailers determine the shape of their stores' trade areas. Check out Volume 1 for more...

Coming Soon to The Data Artisan

August 2012 - PRODUCT MASH-UP
Using Google Earth Pro as a GIS Platform when combined with Alteryx

September 2012 - EDITORIAL
The Bubblefication of the US Consumer
How does demographic data show the dynamic of American culture that

October 2012 - DATA ACADEMY
Lifestyle Segmentation Tools in B.I.